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Introduction to Dr. Daniel Amen Brain Improvement Training

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Product Description


If you are an active Real Estate Professional you live in an environment of constant chaos.  The nature of the professional real estate professional is to work on many tasks at once, and you are usually a one man/woman show.  Even if you have an assistant, or a team, you need to make quick decisions and monitor those who work for you as usually you ar the licensed Realtor.  In this series of video training courses we are going to help you in your real estate business by using Dr. Daniel Amen's long-held training methods for improving your brain's physical and congnitive health.

Our instructor, Patricia De Santos earned Dr. Daniel Amen's Brain Trainer Certification in a direction toward helping Realtors thrive and succeed in the real estate business in a way that goes to the root of achievement which is the brain, both intellectually and emotionally.

We believe real estate professionals can use this training to enhance their NAR training to create a real estate business that is organized, stable, profitable, and meaningful.  We want real estate professionals to benefit, in a real way, from our real estate vocation.  Nevertheless, as a vocation real estate professionals were not required to get a college degree to do this job.  Therefore, it is up to each and every one of us to seek out education and training to create the foundation for a profitable real estate business.

To this end, your brain is a big component you should not ignore!



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