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WHAT IS GREEN HOME TECHNOLOGY? The who, what, where, and why of Greening your home.

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Product Description

                                          Are your energy bills going through the roof?

                                      Are you confused by all the claims to save you money                                                                         on your energy bills by contractors who stand to gain                                                                                                    by these claims?

                                   Do you want objective information on where to start and                                                                                  how create a home energy savings plan? 

This Green Home Technology course answers these questions and provides you with the information you need to create a step-by-step plan for getting affordable home energy savings into your home. This is important information about ways to incorporate more "Green" into your home and the difference between "Green" and "Energy Efficient."

Green Home Technology is important to everyone because with population growth demands on energy, (water, gas, electricity service), become strained.  Every summer demands for air conditioning become higher and higher making electricity costs go up.  Every winter heating costs go up due to cold and extreme cold weather.  Continuous drought conditions deplete available water to local and distant communities and the costs for existing water resources go up.

This important information will save you hours and hours of research and legwork and provide you with a straightforward way to develop a home energy savings game-plan that works for you.


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Patricia De Santos
2910 Inland Empire Blvd.,
Suite 112
Ontario, CA 91764 US
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